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Iceni Marksmen Membership

Your first shoot will be free. This is so you do not feel under any pressure, and can have a look around at the course and facilities on offer.

We have a club gun that can be hired for £5.00 per session if you do not have your own equipment yet.

Probation Period

Following your first visit, you will then enter a probation period of Three visits.
On each of these visits you will just pay a range fee of £5.00 per person.
Following successful completion of your probation period the committee will invite you to become a full member.

After three visits you will be required to join to continue to use our facilities.


The membership fee is a single annual payment, which runs from January to January.
The current annual membership fee is £35:00 per annum, which covers the administration and registration to the BFTA.
You will then pay £3.00 range fee per visit.

Some concessions are available for junior and senior members.

If you would like further information, or a chat about what we offer, please contact our club secretary via the email link.